February 16, 2024

The Best Locations for Spring Maternity Photos in San Diego

Spring is coming soon, and with it San Diego’s (short) season of wildflowers and hillsides carpeted with lush greenery.

What? You are pregnant, you say? And planning to capture this singularly beautiful time in your life through professional photographs?

Proudly biased, I say bravo! to you (and you can read about why you won’t regret it here).

And I just happen to have a few lovely spring-y locations for your photos in my back pocket [insert wink].

Without further ado, here are four locations to consider for your San Diego spring maternity photo session:


1) This beautiful nature preserve in East County:

I love using this spot for spring maternity photos, and you can see why below. That long green grass! Those wildflowers!


2) Mission Trails Regional Park:

When is Mission Trails not a good spot to use for photos? Never, I say! Well, maybe during the late winter when everything is dead and drab, but otherwise…

If you’re considering Mission Trails for your photo session, I’ve written an entire guide to using it here.

Look at those lush greens below! Not shown: the fields of wildflowers that also appear this time of year.

A man holds his toddler son and his pregnant wife's hand while walking down a green hillside during a San Diego lifestyle maternity photo session by Love Michelle Photography.


3) Coronado Beach:

Another year-round contender, the beach is never off-season for photos. And during the spring?? Just look at those gorgeous pink blooms!

And I’ve written a guide to using Coronado Beach for your photo location, too, which you can find right here.

A pregnant woman in a long blue dress sits on a Coronado sand dune holding her belly. She's surrounded by greenery, and her toddler is behind her, looking at the sunset. This is during a San Diego maternity photography session by Love Michelle Photography



Wondering if my documentary style of photography is right for you? I’ve written about that for you here.

Already know you love the connected and emotive beauty of these photographs? Explore my website here, and my best work here. I do hope to hear from you!

And if I haven’t said it yet… congratulations! Becoming a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me, so I am truly delighted for you.