November 3, 2022

Using Coronado Beach for Your Family or Maternity Photo Location – Everything You Need to Know

As a San Diego lifestyle family, maternity, and newborn photographer, I’ve visited and used dozens for locations for sessions, some very popular and others a little more hidden (sshhhh….).

Choosing the right location for your precious photographs is an essential ingredient of their final look & feel, so I’d love to use my expertise to help you decide.

In that spirit, here’s Part 2 in my new blog series, “Everything you Need to Know about Having Your Photo Session at [fill in location here].

See Part 1, covering everything you need to know about having your photo session at Mission Trails Regional Park, here.

I do hope you find it helpful!

Location #2: Coronado Beach

A family sitting on a sand dune during a lifestyle family photography session on Coronado Beach.
The sand dunes on Coronado Beach make for a unique and engaging backdrop for photographs.


1) Look and Feel

Coronado Beach is… well… the beach! What else needs to be said here? Want a beachy vibe to your photos? This is my top pick.

A beach setting is quite versatile when it comes to wardrobe & styling. Go for the always on-point beachy styling (hair down and flowing, casual maxi sundresses, classic dark board shorts on men), or stand out a bit with dressy attire, like a stunning gown complimented by your man in a dress shirt and sharp blazer.

Mom sitting in the sand holding her baby boy during a lifestyle family photography session on Coronado Beach.


2) Coronado Beach: What’s Good

  • Coronado Beach has varied landscapes for more fun and interest. Aside from beautifully reflective surf, would you also like wildflowers, sages, and big white sand dunes as your backdrops? Come on down to Coronado Beach!
  • There’s A LOT of room to spread out. On Coronado, the sparkling expanse of silky white sand is our canvas. Even on busy beach days, it’s easy to find plenty of open space on which to photograph (see my additional posts about this beach here and here).
  • Coronado Beach is relatively easy to get to, a straight shot south on the major freeways from most areas of San Diego. And after the session, the drive over the bridge at twilight is is just stunning.
  • Parking – free, easy, and plentiful. I can always find convenient street parking here, even on busy holiday weekends.
  • It’s just a beautiful beach. Massive expanses of the silkiest, softest white sand you’ll ever feel between your toes. Greenery-covered sand dunes. And the most gorgeous pink sunsets reflected in yards and yards of surf in which to frolic with your family.

Mom holding baby boy's hands on Coronado Beach during a lifestyle family photography session.


3) Coronado Beach: What’s Not so Good

  • The bathroom situation: while there are a few bathrooms on this public beach, they can be a long walk (about 10 minutes each way).
  • Not centrally located: while it’s convenient to several major San Diego freeways, if you live in north county, it can be a long drive.


3) Coronado Beach: Best Time of Year to Use

The beach works well year round. Unique to the varied landscapes of Coronado, you can have wildflowers in the spring and fall tones in November and December.

Little girl peeking out behind mom looking at water during a lifestyle family photography session on Coronado Beach.



If you’re considering choosing Coronado Beach as your photography session location but still have questions, feel free to email me at And if you’re loving the warmth & connection coming through my images and would like to know more about booking one of my easy going sessions, inquire here.


Little girl sitting on a sand dune and giving her baby brother a flower during a lifestyle family photography session on Coronado Beach.



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