February 6, 2024

4 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Take Your Family Photos

Families who have their annual family photos taken in the fall are no doubt familiar with the routine: contact your photographer, squeeze in to one of the few remaining dates they have left during the fall Christmas card rush, and then keep your fingers crossed that you’ll get your photos back in time to get those Christmas cards sent out, preferable before Christmas.

If this rings a bell, I have a proposition for you: have your family photos taken in the spring, instead of the fall.

Here are 4 reasons to choose spring over fall for your annual family photo shoot:


Your Photographer Won’t be Overbooked and Overworked:

Fall is a peak season for family photographers, meaning they are likely pretty slammed (that includes yours truly). And when someone is slammed, they just won’t be able to give you the experience and results you’ve paid for.

Choosing spring for your family photo shoot instead means you’ll have a likelier chance of booking your preferred photographer, a photographer who will be less stressed and rushed. This naturally allows for a more personalized experience, and a happier, more relaxed photographer = a happier session and more time taken in editing your photos to perfection.


A Wider Selection of Dates to Choose From:

Instead of squeezing that session into your chosen photographer’s last remaining date, which might mean missing that soccer game or cancelling a dinner, imagine have a wide variety of dates to choose from, allowing you to pick a time that fits perfectly into your family’s schedule.


Uncrowded Locations:

Popular family photo locations get crowded in the fall (Mission Trails, I’m looking in your direction). This might mean settling for a location that’s not your first choice, or needing to literally wait in line to grab a few quick shots in a popular spot before allowing the next family in. Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

By contrast, a spring session means finding your preferred location quiet and uncrowded, relaxing not only you, but your photographer, too.

And what might be my favorite location-related reason for a spring session is…


Wildflowers and Greenery!

Trade the dead brown fields of a San Diego fall for vibrant, newly birthed greens and fields of colorful blooms as our Southern California spring takes hold (see the happy family pictured below).

It is completely worth the wait!



A wide variety of dates, uncrowded locations, a relaxed photographer, and wildflowers… what else is there to say?

So go here to see my best work here, and contact me here for your own spring session. 🌱