January 14, 2022

Why Coronado Beach is the Best Beach for Family or Maternity Photos in San Diego

[Scroll down to see a recent session on this beautiful beach.]

What’s the best beach in San Diego for your family or maternity photo session?

As a San Diego beach photographer who has photographed dozens of family and maternity sessions on San Diego beaches, I have a clear choice for the best beach for photos – Coronado!

Allow me to make my case – here’s why Coronado Beach is the best beach for your family or maternity lifestyle photography session:

1. Free, easy, plentiful parking: I’ve yet to arrive at Coronado Beach for a session and struggle to find parking, and the same goes for my families. And I’ve never had to park further away than across the street from our meeting spot. Plus, it’s free.

2. Tons of open space: on Coronado Beach, the sparkling expanse of silky white sand is our canvas. Even on busy beach days, it’s easy to find plenty of open space on which to photograph.

3. Varied landscapes for more fun and variety! Would you also like wildflowers, sages, and big white sand dunes as your backdrops? Come on down to Coronado Beach!

4. Finally, it’s just a beautiful beach. Massive expanses of the silkiest, softest white sand you’ll ever feel between your toes. Greenery-covered sand dunes. And the most gorgeous pink sunsets reflected in yards and yards of surf in which to frolic with your family.

I’ve written more about having your photo session on Coronado Beach here (can you tell it’s my favorite?).

Finally, if you’re loving the warmth & connection coming through my photographs, inquire about booking your own session here. I’m the right photographer for families and couples who desire photographs that are meaningful as they are beautiful, captured during relaxed and fun session.

View the father/daughter session below for a beautiful example of a Coronado Beach session.



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