October 6, 2022

Man and woman during a family photography session on Coronado Beach.

Is your husband’s/partner’s most dreaded time of year family photo time? Here’s how help him hate it a little less.

October 6, 2022

Brother twirling sister on a Mt. Laguna meadow during a family photography session.

See a family photography session on beautiful Mt. Laguna.

February 3, 2022

Family Photo Session on Coronado Beach | San Diego

First, Let’s get all the cliche photographer – speak out of the way: yes, this family was super sweet, there was such genuine love between them, can’t wait to work with them again, and on, and on. 😬 BUT… that’s not the point. The point is, their session is a beautiful example of a lifestyle […]

February 3, 2022

A boy and girl holding hands on a Coronado Beach sand dune during a lifestyle family beach photography session by Love Michelle Photography.

Looking for the perfect San Diego beach for your family? If you and the kids are going to be visiting our wonderful city from far away this summer (or you’re just a local looking for a great recommendation), you may be wondering which beach to hit. San Diego has some great beaches to choose from, […]

January 14, 2022

Father and daughter playing on Coronado Beach during a lifestyle family photography session.

[Scroll down to see a recent session on this beautiful beach.] What’s the best beach in San Diego for your family or maternity photo session? As a San Diego beach photographer who has photographed dozens of family and maternity sessions on San Diego beaches, I have a clear choice for the best beach for photos […]

May 12, 2021

Coronado Beach is the Best Beach for Family Photos

As a long-time San Diegan, a mom, and a San Diego family photographer, I’ve had my fair share of all the great stuff there is to do around here. There are the big, obvious things: the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, the beach, Legoland. But maybe you’re looking for something fresh and new, something that […]

February 4, 2021

I want to start off by saying that this is in no way a criticism of photographers who do do mini sessions. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. If you are a photographer who can turn out beautiful, connected images within 10 to 15 minutes of meeting a new family, you are a wizard and my […]

January 7, 2021

As a San Diego family photographer, the overwhelming majority of my sessions take place in San Diego. This year, I had the fun of traveling to Idaho and Wyoming for sessions – Wyoming, as in Yellowstone National Park! It was as cold as it looks, hovering right around 30 degrees, and I figured I’d have […]

October 18, 2020

Gone are the days of white shirts and blue jeans for the entire family, and thank goodness. “Coordinated individuality” allows for far more depth and nuance in your family’s look. What to wear 1) Mom, let’s start with you. Pick something for you, first. Something you love and that makes you feel beautiful. Find that, […]