January 21, 2021

Congratulations on your sweet new baby! You’re now settled back in at home and your in-home newborn session is on the calendar. But since it’s still early, you and your baby’s schedule is still a bit unpredictable, and your energy level isn’t up to cleaning the house, preparing the perfect outfits, and putting on a […]

January 7, 2021

As a San Diego family photographer, the overwhelming majority of my sessions take place in San Diego. This year, I had the fun of traveling to Idaho and Wyoming for sessions – Wyoming, as in Yellowstone National Park! It was as cold as it looks, hovering right around 30 degrees, and I figured I’d have […]

November 13, 2020

As a San Diego maternity photographer, I understand the significance of beautiful photographs. But if you’re anything like I was during my pregnancy, you’re on the fence about whether to have maternity pictures taken. They’re a luxury item, and you’re on a budget. Plus, well, why do what everyone else is doing? Let me give […]

November 3, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you love looking at before and afters. Doesn’t everybody?? Just for fun, here’s a slideshow illustrating client photos before and after the hours of editing they undergo. To see how much love and care goes into your images, click the slideshow arrows to view each before & after. ❤️

October 18, 2020

Gone are the days of white shirts and blue jeans for the entire family, and thank goodness. “Coordinated individuality” allows for far more depth and nuance in your family’s look. What to wear 1) Mom, let’s start with you. Pick something for you, first. Something you love and that makes you feel beautiful. Find that, […]

April 28, 2020

Due to the stay-at-home order, you can’t leave home these days to have professional portraits taken of your child – but it’s still so important to capture them, just as they are, today! I’ll show you how to create a beautiful portrait of them in your own home. Here’s what you’ll need: your cell phone […]

April 6, 2020

In Part 1 I encouraged you to get kids talking to elicit natural smiles. I discussed how you need to get a child’s mind OFF the fact that a camera is pointed at them, which will help relax them and lead to more natural expressions. Tip #1 for getting their minds off the camera was […]

March 26, 2020

March 26th, 2020 Inspired by other photographers across the country and “The Front Steps Project,” I wanted to do something small that would lift spirits during this strange time we are in. My sweet community here in San Diego indulged me and invited me to create a portrait (from a safe distance!) of their families […]

March 9, 2020

It happens almost every time: pull your camera out to capture your kids doing something cute, and the sweet natural smiles are replaced by plastic replicas quicker than you can say “cheese.” But there is help! As a family photographer who spends a lot of time photographing kids, I’ve learned a few tricks I’ll share […]