September 28, 2023

I Want Your Kids to Run Wild During Your Family Photo Session

“That was fun. When can I see you again?”

-Isaac, 5, after a session.

Little girl and brothers playing tug of war during a San Diego lifestyle family photography session in Mission Trails Regional Park.

That’s right. I want your kids to act up and not listen during your family photo session. And I want you to not worry about it.

As a San Diego lifestyle family photographer, I’ve photographed kids for years. And given my pick, I’ll take kids being their wild selves over standing still and smiling cooperatively at the camera any day.

Little boy sticking his tongue out at the camera during a beach family photo session in Del Mar, California.

Because I don’t do stiff and cooperative.

As a San Diego lifestyle family photographer, my goal is to give you warm, connected, meaningful photographs that bring you joy for decades to come. In ten years, I want you to look back on your images and smile, fondly remembering those wild little souls because that’s exactly what I captured at your session.

I want their authentic personalities and funny little quirks.

Little boy sticking tongue out at camera during a San Diego lifestyle family photography session in Balboa Park
Won’t this be fun to look back on??

And I want you to not worry about it. Relax, and let me handle them.

Because my sessions are FUN. Let me take over the parenting duties for the hour, and stand back and watch as I engage them. Games, races, and silly jokes melt away the shyness and your child’s true personality shows up.

And yes, let them wander off and explore & play. I’ll follow them and capture that, too.

I’m just going to come out and say it – kids love my sessions!

So don’t worry, mom and dad. And for goodness sake, don’t shout directions at them over my shoulder! 😬 😆 I’ve got this!

So relax and enjoy your session and your family. I promise, you will love the results.


A family of 5 plays together in San Diego's Mission Trails Regional Park during a lifestyle family photography session by Love Michelle Photography


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“That was way funner than I thought it was going to be!”

-Evan, age ten, after a session