March 9, 2023

Need Visual Styling Inspiration for Your Family Photo Session? Introducing my Pinterest Styling Board!

“What should we wear for our photo session?”

As a San Diego family photographer, It’s a common and reasonable question I get whenever someone books a photo session and this makes me happy!

Why does it make me happy?

  1. Because beautiful styling leads to beautiful photographs, and
  2. when you look good, I look good, and
  3. I loooooooove helping with styling and outfits!


Though any session booked with me includes unlimited styling assistance (I’ve even shopped for clients!), I want to make it as easy as possible for you to put together your outfits with ease and confidence.

In that spirit, I’ve created a new Pinterest board, chock full of visual inspiration to guide you as you plan your own photo session outfits.

On this Pinterest board, you’ll find example photos of clients who dressed beautifully for their sessions, with explanations of what they did and why it worked.

Bonus! You’ll also see my clothing shopping boards, with direct links to pieces for purchase, covering each member of the family.

You can find all that goodness below, at the link.

Once there, don’t forget to follow me for regular updates to my styling boards – just click the red “Follow” button under my photo.

Go to my Pinterest board here.