April 6, 2020

Getting Natural Smiles Out of Kids, Part 2 | San Diego Family Photographer

In Part 1 I encouraged you to get kids talking to elicit natural smiles. I discussed how you need to get a child’s mind OFF the fact that a camera is pointed at them, which will help relax them and lead to more natural expressions.

Tip #1 for getting their minds off the camera was to get them talking.

Today is tip #2: get them thinking.

For this I usually like to give them something silly to think about. While I have their attention and the camera is turned on them, I might say something like this:

“Picture a moose pushing a shopping cart.”

“Picture a squirrel jumping rope.”

“Think of the funniest word you know.”

Etc. Once you have their mind engaged, there is a good chance a sweet and natural expression will follow. And that’s when you start snapping away!

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